Snuffy the Siberian dwarf hamster spent Christmas alone in our flat in a well stocked little home. She is alive & well and loved her New Year welcome from a friendly visitor who showed up to give her a warm cuddle and a brussel sprout. Meanwhile, we are currently on the West Coast of Scotland were storms raged for two days before the end of the year. Christmas was amazing.

The New Year kicks off with a Ridhwan School retreat ‘The Inner Flame’ in London.  AH Almaas gave a series of lectures a couple of years ago called the Unfolding Now which you can watch extracts on YouTube and read. As a direct follow-on, I take a 2 week immersion with Angela De Castro on ‘How to be Stupid’:

Moshe: What is the spiritual connection to clowning?

Angela de Castro: I think the clown is of two worlds. The world of day by day, where you live, and the world of imagination where sometimes you visit. For me as well, I ‘m a very spiritual person so I think the clowns are like angels, because the angels either they bring a message to you, or they are the message themselves just for being who they are, just for appearing.”


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