Film: “Why is There So Much Love in the World?”

This project actually was started in 2003, with an urgency and an intuition that some natural distaster was afoot: one day while writing and researching, I said “the world has gone liquid”. I had no idea really what I was saying. It was a proprioceptive feeling that only made sense when the Tsunami disaster broke less than three months later.

The project also brought in a mythical figure who showed up in one of my early choreographic works. In my dance work he just appeared but didn’t say anything. However, as he walked through this film he took on one of the lead roles. The best I can describe him as, is the ‘Stag-man’, a mysterious figure who had contact with other worlds.

I began to do research around Leicester Square and Soho because these seemed to be urban centres where he would hang. There were other haunts: a geometric forest was one and some truly untouched nature another.

I then discovered, in a Soho bookshop, the existence of the Stag cult of Cerannus; in the British Library an account from 1972 of a lesser known Stag ritual performed in Glencoe Scotland; and on the internet, the makeshift Soho brothels during WW2 that were known as ‘Stag Clubs’. Having grown up on Ardnamurchan, I was also calling up a very private memory and connection with deer – I would quietly watch follow herds for hours and hours in the hills because I found them so beautiful as a child.

The story of this film is essentially one of healing, of profound crisis and of victory, as each person finds their way back home, into co-existance and community.  The impact of this coalescing and acceptance of something deeper is far greater than almost anyone in the story realises.

This was as far as I got with the initial synopsis ten years ago. Much has happened in the world since I started the project. I had to live some more life, before I could really sit down to write this thing. In the process, I learnt so much, especially that much of my writing doesn’t happen ‘sitting down’.

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